Take a moment and think about Southampton, UK and what industries dominate the area. Although statistically, the health and wellness industry is at the top, it is not the only entity positively impacting daily life. Leisure travel is on the rise as well thanks to an emphasis on people from all generations looking to live life to the fullest. Among the most profitable areas of leisure travel are cruise ships and in Southampton, UK, cruising is the way to go.

Let us look at the industry as a whole and discover how much it has grown and what the future might hold for cruise ships in Southampton, UK. 

Why Choose Cruise Ships?

Before we venture into the realm of the particular growth of the cruise ship industry, we must look at why people choose to invest in this form of leisurely travel in the first place. Going on holiday is something everyone looks forward to. Traditionally, the act involves booking a hotel, having the right transportation, and accounting for expenses such as food, petrol, and entertainment.

It can be a lot to do and the one making all the plans rarely gets the opportunity to relax even while on holiday, but the cruise industry takes the guesswork out of any trip.

Essentially, when you book a cruise, your main requirement is merely making it to the ship. Offshore excursions, entertainment, and food can be booked in advance, so there is little to worry about. With everything covered under virtually one price, it simply makes more sense to book a cruise line for your next holiday. Economically, a cruise is among the smartest holiday investments a family of any size can make. 


Private transportation services from London to Southampton


Southampton Cruise Terminal to London with a visit to Stonehenge


Heathrow Airport to Southampton Private transportation service

The Impact of COVID-19

When COVID-19 came into the picture, in 2020, industries of all types had to reestablish their business model and adapt to the necessities of the day. Unfortunately, due to the nature of cruise ships, they worked as a breeding ground for spreading the virus and therefore, the ships were forced to dock and remain docked for quite a long time. Those dark days are something the cruise industry will not soon forget, but it can be used as a learning tool for how to combat the spread of all illnesses, not just COVID-19. 

Have We Recovered?

Although the effects of COVID-19 within the Southampton Cruise Industry will always be felt in some way, the numbers indicate the industry has not only matched pre-COVID-19 numbers but surpassed them. Today’s numbers show an impressive 500 shops serving over 2 million passengers this year. 

What Does That Mean for Southampton, UK?

Economic growth is always encouraged and within Southampton, UK, we can thankfully say, the cruise industry is on the rise. Currently, each cruise nets an estimated £2.7 million in revenue for Southampton. The industry has also awarded over 14,000 jobs, so it is certainly putting a lot of people to work.

Not only is the cruise ship industry providing both economic revenue and jobs for residents, but it also has a positive impact on travel to Southampton as a whole. 

For those boarding the ships, the need for hotel suites while they are waiting and restaurants to keep them fed are essential. This individual often arrive a day or two ahead of the cruise or stay in Southampton for a few days post-cruise, so it drives the travel industry as a whole providing even more revenue for the area. 

Southampton Cruise Terminal to Heathrow Airport or London with a visit to Windsor Castle

The Need for Transportation

Not everyone lives within driving distance of Southampton and requires alternate forms of transportation. This is something not always talked about in the travel industry, but it is paramount to realize the need for quality transportation to and from ports of call such as Southampton, UK. 

As the cruise industry continues to thrive in this growing port, more people will travel to the area and require proper transportation. This could include anything from assisting customers in finding tickets to the closest airport to the port or giving them transportation from the airport to the ship, itself.

Not only are companies providing transport from the airport, but bus terminals, and train stations as well. Transportation is the key that links every part of the cruise industry to its valued customers. 

Where is the Cruise Industry in Southampton, UK Headed?

Although the future cannot surely be known by anyone, the trend in cruise ships in Southampton, UK is certainly on the rise. The unfortunate years when COVID-19 was at its height have thankfully become nothing more than a blip in cruise ship history, so now is the time people are travelling more than ever. We may have had to take some time off, but as for Southampton, UK and its growing cruise ship industry, the future is bright and full of hope.